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Citing Articles Network
The map graph below displays (up to) the top 500 geographic locations for publications that have cited this researcher. Scroll over the map and place your cursor on a pin to view city, state, and country/region information.  Clicking on the pin will display bibliographic data for the paper that has cited the researcher's publication(s).

A few notes about the data:

  • Only items on the researcher's publication list that were added from the Web of Science Core Collection are used to generate data for the graphs/map.
  • A maximum of 500 publications from Web of Science Core Collection on the researcher's publication list are used to generate the data for the above graph/map.
  • For the graphs, the top 20 authors, research areas, countries/regions, institutions, or years (based on count) are displayed.
  • For the map, the top 500, geographic locations (based on count) are displayed.
    The A icon indicates an Author Address, the R icon indicates a Reprint Address.
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